Health Conference Podcast

[Day 1] Registration inside UN Conference Centre
[Day 2] Event Speakers
History of health and Medicare in modern Ethiopia By Mr. Abebaw Derso, Assistant Director, Medical Services Directorate, Ethiopian Ministry of Health
Opportunities for Private-Public-Partnerships in Ethiopia
By H.E. Dr. Kebede Worku, State Minister of Health Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Partnering to Promote Gender Equality to Empower Women and Girls Across Africa
By Mr Klaus Brill, Vice President, CCR, Bayer
The state of Health and Medicare in Ethiopia
By Dr Abraham Endeshaw, Director, Medical Services Directorate, Ethiopian Ministry of Health
On the Frontline with Ethiopia’s main Hospitals
By Dr. Lia Tadesse, CEO, St Pauls Hospital, Ethiopia
Reaching the Health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
By Dr. Gebreselassie Okubagzhi Senior Health and HIV/AIDS Specialist Consultant for the World Bank Ethiopia Country Office.
Relief for HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia and Africa
By Dr. Carmela Green-Abate, Coordinator, Ethiopia, PEPFAR
Sharing Best Practices using Mobile Phones to Scale up Prevention
By Mrs Therese Lethu, Actevist-Group Consultant, former Global Business Coalition Director Panelists: Dr Jeffrey A. Hoffman, CEO, Danya International, Inc., USA, Burt Houtz, Program Director, BD/PEPFAR Laboratory, Mr. Tesfaye Getne, Member of Parliament, Ethiopia
Partnering for Life including BD’s volunteer trip to Ethiopia
By Detlef Siewert, BD, Business Director / Leader Global Health / Europe/ Middle East/Africa, and Burt Houtz, Program Director BD/PEPFAR Laboratory.
[Day 3]

Assigning Malaria to the Past – Ethiopia’s National Response to Malaria, its treatment and eradication
By Dr Daddi Jima, Deputy Director, (EHNRI)
Rolling Back Malaria across Africa
By Mr. Meseret Aseffa Yenehun, Malaria Focal Person, Health Promotion Disease Directorate
State of Malaria in Africa and the rest of the World
By Dr Abraham Aseffa, Scientific Director, Armauer Hansen Research Institute
Tuberculosis – Advocacy in Action
By Mrs Lucy Chesire, HIV/TB Advocate, ACTION Project, Kenya, Mrs. Therese Lethu, Actevist-Group Consultant, former GBC Director, and Chief Austin Arinze, STOP TB Partnership, Dr Valentine Engoudou Doualla-Mouteng, CEO Pan African Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS Mrs Mulu Abraha, Health Promotion Disease Prevention Directorate, Ethiopian Ministry of Health, Mr Peter Mehlape, BD General Manager, Southern and East Africa.
Impact of USAID programs upon HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases
By Ms. Meri Sinnitt, HAPN Chief, USAID Ethiopia
Issues relating to policy, planning, monitoring and evaluation of the Federal Ministry of Health
By Mr. Abdul Reshad, Director of ressource mobilisation, Ministry of Health
National Business Coalition working in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria
By Mr Tadesse Tekallign, CEO, EBCA, Ethiopia
The Private Sector Support of the National Response Strategy in the fight to prevent Diseases
By Mr Ayalew Zegeye, President Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce
The Role of the Media in support of National Strategies against InfectiousDiseases
By Mr WondimKun Alayou, Sales and Marketing Manager, Ethiopia Press Agency